Volume 02


Produced in collaboration with a group of talented writers, recipe developers, and illustrators, the stories in this book run the gamut from the challenges of halal ramen and the rise of a tiny family-run noodle-making business, to meditations on searching for home in a bowl of ramen and the experience of eating ramen in space.

Volume 02 comes in two editions: a paperback with hand-drawn noodles foil-stamped in gold, and a Bradel-bound hardback with vacuum-sealed Real Instant Noodles™️ as part of the cover. Available at select stockists around the world and in our online shop.

146 pages of original features, interviews, photographs, illustrations, recipes, and reviews

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Meet the legendary makers behind some of Japan’s finest ramen noodles at Kaikarou, a family-run business in the backstreets of Asakusa

Visit sleepy Mishima for Takanashi Tetsuhiro’s tangy lemon ramen… and a taste of a brewing cultural movement

Learn about the painstaking process of producing a porcelain bowl with ceramics powerhouse Maruhiro

Take a whirlwind history tour of ramen through the ages

Find out what it’s like to slurp ramen in outer space with Naoko Yamazaki, the second Japanese woman to visit space

Eavesdrop on the inner life of that girl in the ramen shop (you know, that girl)

Hear about what it takes to be a ramen tour guide with Frank Striegl of 5AM Ramen

Wander through the neon-lit streets of Tokyo in search of home in a bowl of ramen

…and more

Original features

Unravelling Ramen
Claire Williamson
Noodle Narratives
Mike Fu
Keep Eating
Kee Byung-keun
Halal, is it ramen you’re looking for?
Kirsty Bouwers
The Masked Man and the Reluctant Heir
Florentyna Leow
That Girl in the Ramen Shop
Carina Fushimi


Young at Heart: Takanashi Tetsuhiro Wants to Start a Cultural Movement
Out of this World: Naoko Yamazaki Eats in Space
5AM Ramen: Down the Ramen Rabbit Hole with Frank Striegl
Baba Kyohei on pottery, pop culture, and parks
Ramen is Life, Basically: Stacy Tan Talks Design
Tasaki Ryusei on transforming ideas into porcelain

Recipes & Reviews

Laksa in a Flash
Yi Jun Loh
Ramen Ritual
Joshen Chew
Review: “I Want to be Spaghetti”
Florentyna Leow

Illustrations by

Dean Aizawa
Julia Hansson
Apple Leow
Volume 02: Ramen, Paperback
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