Tokyo, Drawn by Grace Lee

The longtime Tokyo resident and Aussie illustrator reflects on what the city means to her and how it finally feels like home.

Shinohara Shiko: Making Things Unbound by Convention
How a Tokyo bookbindery carved out their niche in the rigid world of printing and publishing.
Almost Perfect: the Tokyo Creative Residency in a Century-Old Rice Shop
Yuka and Luis Mendo make space for residents to pause, restart, and explore new ideas.
Senna Misawa is revealing new facets of Edo Kiriko
The cut-glass artisan shares her take on the aesthetics and culture of the centuries-old craft.
Made With Tokyo
Tokyo Keyboard collaborates with independent urban workshops in Japan to spotlight their manufacturing expertise and create a uniquely local product.
Volume 01


Tokyo: cyberpunk mega-city or hub of Japanese tradition and craft? In Volume 01, we dive deep into stories of making in and around Tokyo — exploring creative collaborations and experiments in craft.

Shinohara Shiko: Making Things Unbound by Convention

This Tokyo bookbindery has been binding books for nearly 50 years. Now they are carving out a niche through design-oriented collaboration and partnerships.