Shinohara Shiko: Making Things Unbound by Convention
This Tokyo bookbindery has been binding books for nearly 50 years. Now they are carving out a niche through design-oriented collaboration and partnerships.
Almost Perfect: Rice Shop Creative Residency
Almost Perfect founders Yuka and Luis Mendo make space for residents to pause, restart, and explore new ideas.
Horiguchi Kiriko: New Ground for Cut Glass
Edo Kiriko artisans Senna Misawa and Yuki Sakamoto share how they honed their skills and why they are inspired to redefine their craft.
Made With Tokyo
Tokyo Keyboard collaborates with independent urban workshops in Japan to spotlight their manufacturing expertise and create a uniquely local product.
Ogawa: the Prototyping Town
Residents of the small town of Ogawa are redefining how we live, work, and create.
A Conversation with Stand No More
On finding form through dialogue and embracing fluidity in traditional techniques.